You Know You Are On A Budget …..

May 17, 2012

(Editor’s Note: Normally I shy away from posting photos of myself. Especially ones that I took on my cellphone …. of myself. But this …. this I could not pass up. I promise no duck face.)

 You know you are on a budget when your Husband finds these …. (See Below) …. in the basement while going through all your old Army gear that you can’t bring yourself to throw away but have zero use for and you are SO EXCITED because it means now you don’t have to buy glasses to drive with.

Army issue prescription aviator sunglasses?? Yes please!!

Bonus …. Night driving!! And it gets better. I have at least four pairs which means that they will probably bury me in these. 

The roads of the world just got a little safer …. and less aesthetically pleasing. 
You’re welcome. 
(Side note: Anyone need some tacky low heeled patent leather pumps? … Because I have some.)
Happy Wednesday. 

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