New Camera!!! … {Definitely G-Rated}.

February 16, 2013

Big laughs.

Flash dance.

Soooo my old camera had an unfortunate encounter with a gatorade bottle and the contents therein. 7 months ago.

Last night, on our onceeverythreemonths date, we got a kickin’ deal at Best Buy on a new one and baby, I am back!!

Prepare to be inundated.

Gigi and Aunt M, these are for you … a little Saturday am pajama fun.

My smilin' boy.

TIckle fight.

IMG_0033Look at that wink. How can you not be in love?


{Sorry, I am a rank amateur and I love close-ups.}



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    1. I know that wink was just for me – thanks Asher! Soooo glad you got a new camer – you need one for now and when your new son arrives. Please keep it away from all the Gatorade in the whole world!

      Love you all

    1. What precious children, I am just smiling from ear to ear! thanks, Mo.
      You and your family are always in my heart…

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