New Again – Resurrection Day 2015

April 8, 2015

IMG_7153Happy Resurrection Day friends.


Death is defeated, and Jesus reigns. 


Tell the world there is hope in His name.  


He pushed back the darkness, He conquered our sin. 

IMG_7212And Christ will make all things new again. 

IMG_7214And Christ will make all things new again. 

We have experienced the truth and hope of the gospel countless times in the whole of our lives. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – these photos represent  one moment of joy, of perfection on the other side of a whole host of valleys. We live in a broken world, where all of creation longs for redemption. But oh friends, in the face of so much heartbreak in the world, still, we cling to hope.

Hope for the things we cannot see, hope for redemption, the hope of Glory. Hope in the gospel. 

Wishing love, and hope to you and yours.


The lyrics above are written by  Brooks Ritter and Mike Cosper, sung in church by a fair amount of my favorite people, and the partial cause of an epic meltdown I had in the bathroom during the worship service.

(For a biblical picture of the hope I speak of, read thoughtfully through the book of Romans).




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