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An Open Letter to Teachers in 2020

School is out for all of us now. Did you know I wept through the wave parade you threw for our children? I cried for the sacrifices you made and for what you lost this year as well. You may have missed out on Field days and sticky goodbyes and end of year parties...

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Goodbye Baby Roots

Goodbye Baby Roots

We’ve made our home in the woods for just shy of three years, and so, as these things go, it is time we pull up our baby roots this summer and make our way to San Antonio, Texas. You heard it right, my Texas-flag tattooed, Rudy’s BBQ obsessed, cowboy boot wearing,...

An Intentional Advent

An Intentional Advent

Advent season is my favorite.I am usually in a daze of wonder for the whole of December. Star stricken by the Divine humanity. It is a well from which to draw all year long.The clearest memories I have of Christmas as a child are threefold. I remember reading the...


… A slash can show a line break in a poem, a song or a play. This blog? This is my song, my story. And grace shot through the broken lines of it at every turn. At the heart of it, I am a story-teller. And in the telling of my story, perhaps you’ll find healing for yours.


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