Our Young Living Journey ~ The Grace Between

Our Young Living Journey

Since our firstborn, I have been perpetually on the hunt for chemical free options for our home. (Now, we have FOUR babes with dry, sensitive, reaction prone skin.) Enter Young Living somewhere around 2013 in a post-partum haze. For two years I messed around with my starter kit, using the oils haphazardly and as I remembered. (This was the pre-diffuser in your kit days, unfortunately!)

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Three things happened that would propel me fully onto this path of wellness support, emotional healing, and a chemical free home. First, and perhaps the most obvious, is that I determined to use my kit. I replenished my stash, whipped up a bunch of blends, and decided to reach for them first. I was determined to be proactive in our health, rather than reactive.

Secondly, while my husband was deployed I used Peace and Calming multiple times a day to support my emotions. So much so, that years later, when my daughter broke her arm and we spent a difficult 24 hours in the hospital with no sleep, I found myself physically craving the smell of Peace and Calming to help my emotional state. That alone convinced me that there was something to this.

Lastly, I discovered Thieves household cleaner.thieves, thieves concentrate, thieves household cleaner, essential rewards, thieves hand soap, thieves laundry soap, natural care, chemical free, nontoxic cleaners, nontoxic cleaning We’ve been using natural cleaners and laundry detergents since my oldest was born almost ten years ago. Most recently I had been making my own with essential oils. While effective, and delicious smelling, it was cost prohibitive to make my own with the amount of essential oils needed per bottle of spray. Enter Thieves concentrate, made from the oils I loved, and considerably cheaper per bottle. Now, my house is naturally clean and my wallet is happier. AND I can rest in the knowledge that we are continually reducing the level of chemical exposure in our home.

The more I learn the science behind it, the more I love using them as a part of our wellness regimen. (Let’s be clear, I fully support and avail myself of western medicine, the goal here is to need it less and less!)

Now, I’m all in. With four high intensity kiddos and a decade of war behind us, we use the oils to support our health and wellness in every area of our life. In our home, in our personal care, in our physical wellness support, and in our emotional wellness support. We are beginning the journey of nutritional support, which I can’t wait to document for you!

If you stuck around this long, I’d love for you to stay and learn more about how you can use Young Living to help your family thrive. To begin your journey with a Premium Young Living Starter Kit, click here and follow the easy instructions. Feel free to contact me with any questions, I’d love to hear from you!

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