the /grace/ between

The good-byes of an Army wife. The good hellos of an Army life.

The grace poured out between.

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Hey I'm Molly - Army wife, ex-helicopter pilot & mother of five children, two dogs, two cats, a borrowed donkey, a handful of backyard chickens & two very patient horses.

I’m also an organized creative, a recovering Type A, and I can’t stop talking when I’m nervous. I love coffee, color and all things DIY. I write because it’s how I’m made to worship. I tell my story because I want you to know my weakness, and His strength. I write to recount our moments of fear, grief, grace, joy, and ultimately, redemption. So prop your feet up on my virtual kitchen table, pour a cup of ridiculously strong coffee, and stay awhile. I’m so glad you’re here.

Poured Out Like Water

Poured Out Like Water

2021 feels like a lament, a sacrifice, a burnt offering of time and sanity and presence. A series of goodbyes, both to the tangible and to the what-could-have-been. I haven’t been much of a friend. Or a mother, or a wife, or even a writer. I am stretched between them...

The Five Stages of Grief

The Five Stages of Grief

No matter what there is to say about grief, it's already been said. Still, this is new for us, so I am going to repeat them all. The Five Stages of Grief denial anger bargaining depression acceptance Denial The first week after dad died, I was mostly numb, definitely...

My Father, An Unusual Man.

My Father, An Unusual Man.

{Most of you know this already, but my father, David Anthony Maddox, passed away on February 13, 2021. Below is a slightly edited version of the remarks I made at his funeral. I can't bring myself to say anymore.} I’ve thought about this moment many times. I’m a...

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