After ... or, Grief AND Grace. ~ The Grace Between

After … or, Grief AND Grace.

{Editor’s Note: I’m writing specifically here of the loss of a child … but beloved, as always, I tell you that Truth is unchanging, and while grief is universal, so too, is the grace. My memories here are of our my own wee babes in heaven, one gone home in 2005, one in 2011 … but truly, today I wrote for the mother of Baby B., for whom the grief is still fresh.}

There are befores, and there are afters.

And in the agonizing moments between the two, when loss is happening right now …  and my soul is poured out like water {Psalm 22:1-2, 14-15}, I am undone.

The wind and the waves, they are boisterous {Matthew 14:29-31} …

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