Imprint ~ The Grace Between


Sometimes, in your life, you collide with people who make a stunning imprint on your soul.

I met her one time. One time, at Jaime’s funeral, on a day my heart was breaking. And how much more so was hers … aunt to my friend, and friend to me on an ugly, awful day.

I remember her smile, even on that day, her love for Jaime, and for us, who came to honor her.

Her concern for me, ME, on the day she buried her niece, and how I was falling apart on stage when the whole crowd was watching, us in our dress greens and and me with shaking sobs.

While we mingled with family and friends on that day, our shared loss connected us in a thin, tangible thread that wove beauty even in the midst of unbearable sadness.

Elsie Krausse Chiles lost her battle with pancreatic cancer today and so I am reminded again what a gift the Krausse family has been to me … my friend Jaime, with me on the happiest days of my life, and her Aunt Elsie, with me on one of the worst.

I am one person, grieving in Tennessee over what is a brief, permanent shape in the contours of my soul. But what a testament it is to Elsie to see the public outpouring of those who who have been loved by her, even for a moment.

And to Jaime’s mother and father, Miki and Jeff-sister to Elsie-oh I love you so, still, though time and distance make us quiet.

Please pray for the Krausse and Chiles family tonight as they mourn the loss of another precious member.


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