To My Daughter... ~ The Grace Between

To My Daughter…

To my best girl … on {or about } your seventh birthday.


I prayed about this letter … I couldn’t even write it on your actual birthday because it is overwhelming to think of all the words I want to say to you.

I could talk about being beautiful on the inside {you are}, I could talk about your worth, your value in being a daughter of ours, and of the King – and oh my girl, you are a treasure, to us, and the ones who love you-a pre-approved creation in Christ.

You asked me if high school was fun the other day and my heart sank a little…I could tell you about the good parts of growing up, and I could tell you a little {or a lot} about the hard parts. But all those things can, and will be said on other days. Every day, in fact, I should say these things to you.

Right here, in this {sacred-to-me} space, I want to tell you what I’ve learned over the last 365 days about you, my firstborn, and what a gift it is to me, this weary mama who wears her heart, aching raw, on the outside.

It’s been a long year. For the both of us.

There were a lot of tears. For the both of us.

know how you missed your daddy, this, the third time he’s left. I know you were processing new little brothers, and new schools, and your world changes all.the.time.

But you. Even in the midst of hard change, and your own overwhelming emotions … You have the gift of intuition.

A gift, when you see my heart breaking {and yours is too … }, to be the salve that binds up my wounds. Your first instinct is to care for me. 

You, in the midst of your own tears, you look at me and forgive me for wronging you.

Even at seven years old, you have an intuitive knowledge of deep, aching hurt in others, and how to walk beside them through the valleys.

And you? You see the marginal among us, the fringes, and you love them, you remember them, with an ease that comes from believing them beautiful always.

Don’t ever lose that, my precious girl.

Your talent is a rare treasure in this world and maybe positioned a little closer to the cross, nestled there with a High Priest who suffered with us, and for us.

So many things I want to say to you, who loves so well. 

I’ll settle for Happy Birthday now, and thank you.

Thank you. 

I love you. I always will. 

~your Momma

{And on a lighter note, you LOVE cheetah print and would like to be a veterinarian for large African animals. And your sense of style is EVERYTHING }.


{Enjoy the gallery of your seventh birthday party}




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