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the /grace/ between

The good-byes of an Army wife. The good hellos of an Army life.

The grace poured out between.









Hey I'm Molly - Army wife, ex-helicopter pilot & mother of four children, one cat, two bunnies, & a handful of backyard chickens.

 I’m also an organized creative, a recovering Type A, and I can’t stop talking when I’m nervous. I love coffee, color and all things DIY.  I write because it’s how I’m made to worship. I tell my story because I want you to know my weakness, and His strength.  I write to recount our moments of fear, grief, grace, joy, and ultimately, redemption. So prop your feet up on my virtual kitchen table, pour a cup of ridiculously strong coffee, and stay awhile. I’m so glad you’re here.  


A Short Love Letter to Here (1 of 3)

*I wrote this just before we left in the days where we didn't know where we would live in San Antonio and still in the throes of goodbye. I've got lots more to say but we've been going like our hair is on fire and I'm a good month behind. (Moving // part 1 of 3) I’ve...

On Goodbye

It’s hot outside my window right now, with the sun pouring through the trees, painting off kilter patterns on the hardwood. But if you slide down the embankment by the wood shed into the old railroad cut and follow the trail straight back to the civil war era stones,...

On Being Undressed in Church

I’m two days late, but what I have to say doesn’t fade with time, and sure isn’t limited to Resurrection Sunday. We were sharply dressed on Sunday, a rarity for this crew. And we were color coordinated, which is even more rare, considering the unusual fashion choices...

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