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the /grace/ between

The good-byes of an Army wife. The good hellos of an Army life.

The grace poured out between.

The Five Stages of Grief







Hey I'm Molly - Army wife, ex-helicopter pilot & mother of five children, one dog, two cats, two bunnies, an immortal hamster & one very patient horse.

I’m also an organized creative, a recovering Type A, and I can’t stop talking when I’m nervous. I love coffee, color and all things DIY. I write because it’s how I’m made to worship. I tell my story because I want you to know my weakness, and His strength. I write to recount our moments of fear, grief, grace, joy, and ultimately, redemption. So prop your feet up on my virtual kitchen table, pour a cup of ridiculously strong coffee, and stay awhile. I’m so glad you’re here.

Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied

I rarely find myself without words. Ask my husband. And yet, here I am, staring at the screen like I have so many times before, aching to tell you what’s on my heart with no idea how to say it. The last time I wrote here was June, four months late on a birthday...

Eight Times Around The Sun

Eight Times Around The Sun

Eight times around the sun, my not so wee man, 2920 days (plus a few because I’m months late, as usual) you’ve populated our world with the force of your personality. For the record, you love Dogman, actual dogs, baseball, skateboarding, Minecraft, legos, and jumping...

On Gold: An Anniversary Post.

On Gold: An Anniversary Post.

14 years together. 5113 days I’ve pledged myself to you, threading my heart to you in neat, tidy stitches meant to last a lifetime. They’ve been picked at, worried over, and stretched across the globe, but the line holds. Did you know the modern anniversary gift for...

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