Pictures, and the Pumpkin Patch {G-Rated}. ~ The Grace Between

Pictures, and the Pumpkin Patch {G-Rated}.

We went to a nearby pumpkin patch tonight.

I thought to myself … “Oh, it’s near sunset, what a perfect time to take pictures of my always cooperative and ever-so-charming offspring.”

… Yeah. That ALWAYS turns out well.

Without further ado, and because it’s been waaaayyy too serious around here … a photographic narrative of what my life looks like these days. {It’s pretty awesome, even with all the tears and imminent departures.}.

My firstborn. Yes, she is always upside down.


Wee Man hard at work.



And of course, the little guy.


So this was the closest thing to three genuine smiles that I could capture. {Wee Man has a mouth full of bread}.IMG_2387

But mostly, it looked like this.


Pictures really do tell the story. Except these photos missed the part where J Girl peed on my toes and Wee Man peed in his pants. I quit taking pictures well before we got to the pumpkins.

Happy Fall, y’all. It’s glorious:)


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